web design
UX/UI design

Teach the population about the historical heritage of the country by gathering all the national sculpture into a digital (accesible for everyone) library.

The facts

Since this is a self financed startup they need a website to catch and convince potential investors.

The main function of the website is to showcase the digital sculptures and download the printable files and their respective historical data (Location, Year of construction, Patron name). Furthermore, you can contact the founder directly if you wish so.


The challenge of the project was to create a visual image that adds value to the digital presence of these sculptures without messing up the historical worth.

We want the user to perceive this from a modern and democratic perspective that is available for everyone just by a few clicks. Before the art experience was only possible by visiting a physical museum and was also a experience just for the “elite”. Now it possible to appropriate and live the art experience in a way facilitated by 3d printing.

Each monument is available for 3D print. Furthermore, by 3D scanning we are able to immortalise our preciated pieces of art (most of them damaged because of time).

The Outcome

The main goal is to raise the awareness among the population about the importance of national art. From now on you should see art as a democratic propierty available for everyone.