UX/UI design

They needed to stand out and earn visibility among the competitive marketplace. Clients are used to trust in solid and modern companies. That is why I proposed to re fresh the identity and communication plan.

starting out

While working in-house as a UX/UI Designer I realised about the need of update of the branding system.

I research about the characteristics and common features among the team mates. How do they spend they working day? What do they laugh about? Found out that most of their jokes where tech related -only for connoisseurs-

communication plan

Communication involved the development of different material for marketing and promotion. As well as stationary for business meetings.

GlobalUy needed to develop remembrance in their potential clients. Since there was a strong move on the sales team to make B2B business they needed to standout from their competitors in order to be the chosen-ones. A clean business card might make the move.