Grocery App

UX/UI design

Va y viene is a grocery startup willing to make grocery shopping easier, and as a consequence, life easier. Via the app you can buy daily products with a last minute request and door to door delivery.

understanding phase

The project required to understand the different roles on the business level.

On one hand there is a mobile app that is the face to the final user: the customer. From the source, an admin web is needed to manage products and associated stores. Finally, the associate stores need a practical and intuitive backend to handle requests between the server and mobile app.

ask the right questions

Previous research was done to understand the optimal flow for the user

Due to time constraint the user research workshop didn’t happen. However, we managed to understand the main features of the target audience by interviewing some pilot users and asking them the right questions. Turned out that they feel very busy and pressured by their jobs. They all rely on they smartphones to manage daily life. So, why not offer simple steps to solve a daily problem through and app?

Via an app, customers can order groceries from local supermarkets to have them delivered to their homes.


Offering meaningful filters and search options for the user having a smooth and fast purchase. Wishlist with “frequent purchase” items that make easier to repeat the purchase. Also sharing the link with other members can make their experience easier, What if you could have a supermarket list shared with your flatmates?