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If your next vacations were canceled because of the isolation you can still travel and meet people. Just choose your desired location and find the next live artist streamer.

The facts

In the present times isolation is a pretty bad thing. It is blocking us from travelling, socialising and enjoying live music.

This is tailor made for those who want to experience travelling abroad without moving from their seats. With Musigo you can join any live stream around the world. There is a Responsive Website and a Mobile App designed. The development of the design system was key to get all the devices well solved.

The features

With Musigo you can join any live stream around the world. You can invite your friend to join or you can meet new people trough the available live chat.

Available features: You can choose the location where you want to "travel", the type of music you want to listen and the Beat. It is also possible to decide wether you want to see indoor or outdoor live streams. During the stream you can chat with other members as well as inviting other friends to join.

Design Systems provide a shared library of reusable components and guidelines. Building products becomes much faster.

Why we need it?

Simply because consistent design pattern lets users learn faster and reduce confusion to recognise and use each component. From development prospective, having reusable, pre-defined modules save time for development even without a complete design.