Tourism Research

user research

Creation of touristic routes divided by categories of interest: food, art and historic places. The purpose is to teach about uruguayan folk food and architectural past trends.

interaction process

Understand the user behaviour to develop accurate features for them. How do they get to know Ciudad Vieja?

How do they travel around the area? What are their expectations? They come from several parts of the world and not necessarily know the language. In addition the public signals are not good enough for foreigners. How to solve the gap is the reason of this research.

Use of technology

Virtual map visualisation. Visitors are able to find the hot spot by using the app on their devices.

Within the app they can find a variety of places to visit, all of them sorted by categories related to the user’s need and the offer of the area (eat, historical, antiques, etc)

Promote tourism and bring life into the oldest district of Montevideo city.

Why so interesting?

Most of the architectural bases came from Europe but re adapted due to small size of city. This caused and interesting blend that it is only possible to see in few cities of South America.